Body and mind function as a united system. Movements of our body and thoughts in our mind are important elements of our everyday lives. Thoughts cannot be expressed without movement and movement cannot be organized without thought. When we activate our body-mind system in a rather holistic way, the possibilities to cope adversities increase.


The final result is a holistic experience that brings the receiver in contact with the physical body, the emotions and the thoughts of the present moment.

Cretan Ethereal

Spa treatments

Cretan Traditional Massage

Combination of Cretan oil and herbs with traditional Cretan massage and its patented techniques will give your whole body a unique sense of relaxation and wellness. Massage pressure is medium. Stimulates blood circulation and elimination of toxins.

Duration: 50 min – 70€                    30 min – 50€

Cretan Holistic Massage

Full body and scalp massage with face reflexology.  For when you have no specific concerns and are in need of a soothing and balancing result. The pressure is soft.

Duration: 50 min – 70€                    30 min – 50€

Cretan Holistic Massage

The most popular full body massage with deep pressure which includes acupressure techniques and Thai massage. Very effective for tired muscles and stiff  joints.

Duration: 60min – 75€                  30 min – 55€

Package Serenity


Duration : 60min – 80€

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