Under the same name, “Selakano”, the wild forested mountain area the fertile valley, as well as a small picturesque settlement. Located in the north-western territories of Ierapetra, in the south-eastern part of the Dikti massif at an altitude of 930m.

The area is blessed with magnificent natural beauty, with many springs, little streams and breathtaking gorges, a wild forest of unique environmental importance, with pine- trees, planes, oaks, cypresses, holly trees and cretan maples.

The forest is the nesting and hunting ground of many predatory birds and other small wild animals, one of Crete’s most important eco-systems, protected by the NATURA 2000 European networking programme.

The whole area is always green and beautiful, ideal for trips and excursions all through the year. It is also an excellent starting point as it is as close to Dikti’s mountain top, as to the fabulous southern beaches of Ierapetra.

The people of the Selakano settlement -natives or owners of country houses in the area- are warm and friendly, relaxed and straightforward. They all meet in a small cafe -tavern owned by Styliani, enjoying her famous cooking and the shade of the vine in her yard. They are more than happy to meet with travelers, hikers and tourists and offer them at least a round of drinks or other treats. Not accepting an offer like that seems pointless, since they can’t take no for an answer! An authentic sample of cretan hospitality and a glance in the cretan way of life.

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Starting from Pezoulia in Selakano you can enjoy some of the best routes and activities in Crete.